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Best Boutiques in Seoul S.Korea- Pt. 1

Updated: May 29, 2019

Let me just start out saying, it would be wrong in every way to take a trip to Korea and not spend a day, err, DAYS shopping, visiting boutiques, and walking around alleys filled with fun and trendy stores. Regardless of your budget, there's a store for you. Honestly, some of my favorite items in my wardrobe have come from little shops where all the clothing was $10,000 won (about $10 USD) or less! There's truly something special about the creativity, vibe, and unique characteristics that each boutique offers. These may not be brands that you see in big magazines, or walking the runway at Seoul Fashion Week, but they still offer trendy clothes and are a truer picture of what people are wearing on the streets of Seoul. For part 1, I figured I might as well start with my absolute, number 1 favorite boutique. Located in the alley ways of Hongdae, is a boutique called Mihyang Unnie or 미향 언니. As far as I'm aware, this shop has 2 locations that are within close walking distance to each other. Both giving off just a bit of a different vibe and style. Mihyang Unnie offers super colorful, one of a kind sort of pieces. What always draws me in is the incredible outfit combinations that are showcased in the front of the store. If you check out their official Instagram you'll be able to see exactly what I'm talking about. (Heart eyes). Also, I love the old fashion/vintage style that they use for their store front. Mihyang Unnie definitely is not going to be one of those $10 and under shops, so be prepared for higher prices. BUT for the uniqueness, I'd say it's 100% worth it! If you ever get the chance to visit Seoul, I hope you put this on your list of must visit places, especially if you love to shop! You won't be disappointed!

Mihyang Unnie - https://www.instagram.com/mihyang_unni/ All picture credit goes directly to their official Instagram. Let me know what you think and which pieces are your favorite! #ShoppingInSeoul #KoreanBoutique #WheretoshopinSeoul #KoreanFashion #MihyangUnni #Kfashion #Kstyle #KpopFashion #FashionBlog #StyleBlog #KoreanStore #MustDoinKorea #MustdoinSeoul #TravelKorea #VisitKorea #KoreaTravel #FashionBlogger #Kpop #KoreanFashion #BestBoutiques #StyleLumina #instazine #FashionInspo #FashionTrends #Fashion #Boutiqe #Hongdae #Seoul

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