• Dana Ballivian

Best Neutral looks by Korean brands

If there was ever a trend or style that is 100% timeless and loved by nearly all, it's the neutral look. Within every good wardrobe there are a few, key neutral pieces that can be worn in a variety of ways. Perhaps this is why a neutral aesthetics is still so dynamic. It's a canvas that leaves room for creativity, layering, and contrast in shape and silhouette. In every fashion collection, I always looks forward to seeing the neutral line and how they infuse it with their own creative DNA. Here, I introduce neutral looks that though use similar shades, leave you with a completely different taste. This is the beauty of artistic individuality and the diversity of neutral apparel.

Designer labels mentioned- Moonj, Ike, Millin, Maxxij, Dozoh, Holynumber7, Youser and Blanc de Noir. #NeutralAsthetic #NeutralFashion #KoreanFashion #SeoulFashionWeek #Millin #Ike #Youser #Dozoh #Moonj #Maxxij #Holynumber7 #blancDeNoir #KoreanFashion #NeutralClothing #NeutralTrend #NeutralColor

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