• Dana Ballivian

Cafe Culture in Seoul

Chances are if you've planned, or are currently planning a trip to Seoul, you've probably blocked out a good amount of time to visit a few instagram worthy, aesthetically pleasing cafes in Seoul. And honestly, you should! One of my favorite hobbies while in Seoul is visiting the amazing variety of Cafes that can be found all over Seoul. No matter what your interest or vibe of choice is, there is a cafe to match it. We hope you enjoy this fun Instazine interview with Clare, a very talented photographer who has taken time to tastefully capture the raw atmosphere of some lovely cafes in Seoul. So grab a cup of coffee, or tea and enjoy! XoXxo

Instazine Author and Designer - Carmella https://www.instagram.com/crmllaaa_/ Carmella is a new guest Author for Style Lumina and is joining the team here at Style Lumina! We hope you enjoy her lovely content covering the artistic side of Korean culture. Also we hope that you can support Clare, the photographer as well as the many cafe's that were featured. Clare IG - https://www.instagram.com/clarehannahmary/ Feather Coffee - https://www.instagram.com/feather_coffee/ Coffee Nap Roasters - https://www.instagram.com/coffeenap_roasters/ Seongwa - https://www.instagram.com/seongwa_grocery/ 33 Apartment - https://www.instagram.com/33apartment/ HarrisHuis - https://www.instagram.com/harrishuis/ Up.Side Coffee - https://www.instagram.com/up.side_/

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