• Dana Ballivian

Favorite Cafes in Seoul - Cafe Layered

When in Seoul, there is one thing you MUST do, which I would say is almost 100% unavoidable, and that is, Cafe hopping. It's true that Korea has a bountiful selection of really incredible, themed cafes. Such as Line Friends, Hello Kitty and even a Poop themed cafe. (Haha!) However, there are even more cafes that are really stand out due to their beautiful interior, lovely pastries and delicious coffee/drinks. One of those for me is, Cafe Layered. Thankfully there are 3 locations that you can visit, each similar, but with subtle differences. Personally my favorite is the Anguk location. The common thread between each cafe is that they are all decorated very delicately with antique lamps, doilies, pictures and knick knacks. Honestly, it looks like my mother was in charge of the interior decorating team, and because of that, I love it! Haha! Feels familiar or something? Take a look at their instagram and all the beautiful tagged pictures to get a better glimpse of their aesthetic. IG- Cafe_layered Locations - Layered Anguk | 2-3 Bukchon-ro 2gil Highwaist | 167-9 Seongmisan-ro Layered Yeonnam | 161-4 Seongmisan-ro

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