• Dana Ballivian

Supporting Korean designers Despite Seoul Fashion Week being cancelled.

Fashion week; the event all designers, buyers, models and fashionistas anticipate and plan for every spring and fall. It's easy to enjoy it with all of the inspiration and creativity that envelops you and launches you into a deeper excitement and appreciation for all things fashion. Even for myself, it's the highlight of my year. Dare I say I look forward to it more than Christmas? (Shhh, don't tell my family.) However, Fashion week is more than that. It's a crucial season for designers and fashion buyers and everyone else in between. Without question, fashion first and foremost is driven by art, creativity and a story. But without the support of buyers, stylist, magazines and so on, these brands can't stand on their own. They need us. Inevitably the news about Seoul Fashion week was a real disappointment to many who annually look forward to seeing their favorite designers new collections, as well as discovering new brands to love. In situations like this, we have to find alternate ways to push these independent designers forward. They're worth it. The effort they put forth to create one of a kind collections and develop new trends is worth our applause and acknowledgment.

Here are a few ideas I conjured up to support and recognize our favorite brands. If you have your own Ideas, I'd love to hear them as well. 1- Simply follow them on Instagram. Repost, comment and show some love! 2- Know of any Stylist or fashion buyers? Recommend these brands! 3- Blog, repost and share about your favorite brands. Chances are, others will love them too. Word of mouth is still highly effective. 4- And most obviously, if you're able, trying buying an item from their collection or previous collections. And while you're at it, take a picture wearing the item and post it to Instagram. Chances are, these designers will see it and feel the love and support as well.

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